Abingdon Learning Trust Reflect

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Our vision is simple – we will ‘add value’ to schools and their communities by working together.

The Trust began its journey with three local Abingdon schools coming together, formalising the good working relationships over many years. We now have shared governance and strategic leadership in the two secondary schools, yet retain the unique atmosphere of each school and have greatly strengthened cross-phase working.

Our primary is thriving.

The joint sixth form is graded excellent by Ofsted.

Staff development is the backbone of our improvement, and we maintain an outward gaze to be sure we bring new ideas and ways of working into the Trust. We continue to develop links with other schools and Trusts, both in the area and further afield, sharing resources, providing leadership and governance support, and opportunities for staff exchange and secondment.

As we become more confident as a Learning Trust, and look to expand, if, and when, the right opportunity arises, our aims and values will provide the framework for new ventures:


Our Aims

    1. We will nurture curiosity, character and independence, fuelling a passion for learning in all children and staff to shape confident, creative, resourceful and resilient individuals.
    2. We will support and deploy resources effectively and efficiently to make a valued contribution for the good of all our young people, our economy and our community.
    3. To achieve this we will secure:
    • A broad, deep and balanced curriculum enabling choice and inclusive learning opportunities, promoting aspiration
    • Financial sustainability and commercial resilience, with operational efficiency and effectiveness
    • Expansion of the Trust to support more children and young people in their communities, to support investment in community provision, and promote shared use of facilities, learning opportunities and networks.


Our Values

  • QUALITY: to create an outstanding learning community, including strong leadership and governance
  • OPPORTUNITY: to provide the best opportunities for all children to reach their full potential
  • COLLABORATION: to support a shared commitment and dedication to learning
  • AMBITION: for continual improvement and to strive for excellence in all we do
  • COMMUNITY: to be a local employer of choice and for area based services that address disadvantage and promote social mobility


Please note, copies of the documents on this website can be made available by contacting:  enquiries@abingdonlearningtrust.org