The vision is to establish and sustain a Learning Trust for the local area, grown from within the Abingdon Partnership of schools and supporting the wider community. This plan is based on the business case made on the successful application for Abingdon Learning Trust to be formed from three local schools and its future growth. It is a ‘three-step’ approach to: consolidate and support the current schools as a multi-academy trust; increase the reach and impact with additional schools to join the Trust; extend the provision for wider community benefit as a Learning Trust for the area. The business plan establishes the basis for this approach over a 3-5 year period and will be kept under review.

Our Aims

  1. We will nurture curiosity, character and independence, fuelling a passion for learning in all children and staff to shape confident, creative, resourceful and resilient individuals.
  2. We will support and deploy resources effectively and efficiently to make a valued contribution for the good of all our young people, our economy and our community.
  3. To achieve this we will secure:
  • A broad, deep and balanced curriculum enabling choice and inclusive learning opportunities, promoting aspiration
  • Financial sustainability and commercial resilience, with operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expansion of the Trust to support the majority of school age children in the Abingdon area; and to support investment in community provision, shared use of facilities, learning opportunities and networks

Our Values

  • QUALITY: to create an outstanding learning community, including strong leadership and governance
  • OPPORTUNITY: to provide the best opportunities for all children to reach their full potential
  • COLLABORATION: to support a shared commitment and dedication to learning
  • AMBITION: for continual improvement and to strive for excellence in all we do
  • COMMUNITY: to be a local employer of choice and for area based services that address disadvantage and promote social mobility